E-Bikes Supersede Walking Tips?

E-bike is one of the major achievements in the field of automobiles. It is a more improvised version of a normal bicycle, with the inclusion of a battery, a battery-driven electric motor, and a throttle. The rest of the design of its basic modular structure is similar to the normal bicycle.


The addition of an electric motor with a pedal-assist has granted it a superiority over a mechanical bicycle, and a slightly more preference than fuel-driven vehicles. The reason behind this is the electric engine that provides the initial acceleration to the bike unless its speed reaches a maximum preset assistance speed i.e. is nearly 15.5 mph and also helps in maintaining a constant speed of your bike. Hence it makes cycling less exhaustive and more flexible. The other main reason behind its success is that it is eco-friendly and does not contaminate our environment with harmful fumes.

Therefore, now more and more people prefer e-bikes over cars and fuel-bikes. Purchasing an e-bike is also a first-time investment that relieves you from the future expenses of fuel in cars and motorcycles. It also reduces traffic jams and reduces journey time. Accordingly, we can say that an e-bike is a boon for the modern generation.

Now the biggest question arises, does an e-bike supersede walking trips? Usually, people have a diverse response to this question. Some people believe that walking is a superior exercise than riding an e-bike.

They consider that riding an e-bike is cheating and not any physical workout. According to them, walking is better than riding an e-bike. But the truth is not the same. In reality, riding an e-bike is many folds better than walking. It’s not only a proper form of a workout but is more flexible than walking. It reduces commuting stress in the population, helps in reducing blood pressure and increases the blood circulation in our heart and surely provides inner satisfaction and joy to its user. Some of its advantages are:

1) Reduced journey time.

E-bikes are faster means of conveyance than walking. It will take less time for the same distance travelled on foot. For example, if it takes 30 minutes to complete a certain distance, then you can cover the same distance in less than 10 to 15 minutes. Hence it saves a lot of your time, and you can utilise that time in doing something more beneficial and creative.

2) You can travel for longer distances.

It is simply not possible to cover every length on foot. Sometimes we need to travel large distances like 10 to 12 km. For example, earlier if you wanted to visit a place that is 12 km away from your home. Then it is practically not possible to cover this distance on foot. Therefore you required a means of transport like a car or a fuel-bike. But now you can cover this distance on an e-bike, without breaking a drop of sweat. Consequently, we can say that an e-bike has made it possible for us to travel fairly larger distances than we could have travelled by walking.

3)You can cover terrains that are inappropriate for walking.

Sometimes there are certain uneven grounds our regions on our that make it impossible to travel on foot, like a steep slope. This becomes the most exhaustive part of our journey. Next time when we have to take on the same road on foot, we always have hesitation in walking up the steep hill, and we pick up our car keys. But with the help of the acceleration provided by an electrically assisted engine in an e-bike, we can conquer these slopes in our way, without any physical strain. In this way, we can enjoy our full journey.

4) E-bikes have matured a sense of fitness in many people.

The distances that we used to fear to travel on foot earlier, can now be very comfortably covered on an e-bike. Riding an e-bike is surely a physical pursuit. Even people who are not very fit, have also chosen to ride an e-bike for distances that they could never cover by walking. The e-bike provides us with the independence to choose between physical pedalling or using an electric pedal assist. This has given the flexibility to our ride. That is why more and more people are going for an e-bike, rather than cars or to travel by foot. This helps in keeping people fit and healthy without even joining a gym. Now you can enjoy the outdoors, which helps to improve your memory, lowers your blood pressure and boosts your immunity too.

Therefore should we prefer an e-bike over walking?

Riding any best electric bike under budget at all gives you a lot like a sense of freedom, better health, and more enjoyment. The main difference is the fact that e-bikes make it possible to ride and ride farther. An e-bike eliminates many factors that stop people from walking, such as their health, uneven terrains or large distances.

E-bikes are also useful for elderly people who cannot travel on foot for long, either due to knee pain or any other health issues. The pedal assistance helps them in travelling these distances by riding an e-bike. It has given them a sense of self-dependence. It also prevents traffic jams and other environment-related issues, like pollution. It also saves the extra cost of public transports.

Hence we can conclude that e-bikes surely supersede walking trips to some extent. Therefore if we need to choose between an e-bike or foot, in my opinion, you must certainly go for an e-bike.…

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What teenagers can do to stay fit

Teenage is the most important age for humans. This is the age when your body is in its peek. Your curiosity is in its peek when you are at your teenage. Any regular exercise can make you stay fit but it is important to keep moving. For teenager it is very important to do exercise daily. It should be a part of every teenagers daily routines like brushing, sleeping, bathing etc. You can do exercise at your home or you can also join gym select

according to your comfort. But, whatever you are opting for exercise try to keep this tips in mind : –

1. Always be optimistics and do not forget to have fun

For teenager having a good mental health is very important. Go and find interesting things to do so that you can not get bored easily and it will keep you going. It is noticed that doing exercise with a partner is always helpful so, see if you can find someone from your family or one of your friend who can join you for exercise.

2. Start one at a time

Make small and steady changes in your workout so that it will not affect you much and you can keep up with it. For example, walk or ride your bike to school or to a friend’s house instead of getting a ride. Get on or off the bus several blocks away and walk the rest of the way. Use the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator. These are the things that you can do to Intensify your exercise as it is much easier

3. Make your heart get pumping

Whatever exercises you are doing make sure that it must include aerobic activities that is , it must involves your lungs or you can say which makes you breath more. This will make your heart and lungs stronger and efficient. The more your heart beats the more you will lose your body fat. Running, swimming and basketball are names for example.

4. Always do warm up before workout/

It is necessary to do warm up before any physical exercise you are going to do. You can start by some light exercise or some stretchings whatever suits you. This will protect your muscles from injuries which may occur during exercise. You should also do stretchings after the exercise to relax your muscles. This will make your muscles and joints more flexible. Always add up things in your exercises and try to increase time if you can. The time of exercise should be at least 20 to 30 minutes each day.

Make your lifestyle a healthy one

Lifestyle plays an important role in everyone’s life. It is your lifestyle which will be responsible if you have any allergies, some kind of diseases etc. After the exercise try to add healthy lifestyle as one of your important goals. Here are some tips so that you can add up some health in your life and live your life with more energy and it will help you to increase your life span also.

1. Watch less television and spend very less time playing video games or anything which will make you to sit in front of your TV or computer or mobile etc. Instead of this you can use this time for your exercise. This does not mean that boycott that totally. No, but spend less time with it. You can also exercise while watching TV like you can do sit ups, stretchings or can ride a treadmill etc.
2. Do not ever skip your meal. Have 3 complete meal in your single day. Your meal should include fruits, vegetables and dairy products also.
3. Drink plenty of fluids you can. Fluids include water or juices but , do not each much juices as they contain sugar which will affect your health. Drink water as much as you can to stay hydrated throughout your day. Eat less junk food or fats food. Junk food have fats which will impact your exercises results. Do not ever smoke or involve any kind drug abuse. And the most important one, have atleast 9 to 10 hours of sleep at night every night. After the tired day you must need a good sleep to make your body calm and relax.…

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How to Quit the Gym

It is said that a healthy body has a healthy mind. And, therefore, Exercise is very essential for a healthy body and healthy mind. So keep our body healthy the one thing we do is “join a Gym”. But, at the same time, it is very true that sometimes Gym sucks. It is possible that the Gym would not have the necessary equipment, it may be too far from your home or there are chances that it would be so crowded that you would not like to be a part of that Gym. So, in this condition, it’s okay for you to quit Gym. Here are some the pointers that can help you do that.

Why you hate your Gym?

Before quitting ask yourself that why you want to quit gym and what is actually wrong in the Gym which is making you to quit?

You must find answers to this question. This is because only these answers will help you prepare a plan for quitting. If your Gym is too expensive then first figure out that, are there other Gyms around which are cheaper or there is any option to downgrade your membership without quitting.

But if you just want to quit because you don’t want to go for and you cannot manage time for Gym. Then it is best for you to quit and save the money which you are wasting.

But it is also possible that you are quitting because when you go to the Gym you do not find the equipment you need or that equipment is always taken by others and you do not get a chance to lift that one. Try changing the Gym timings instead of quitting.

Decide what you would be doing after quitting

Quitting is easy but you must have a backup plan before doing this. You need to be healthy and fit and for keeping yourself fit you need to do exercise. If not Gym there should be something another like aerobics, running, walking or any other physical activity which would keep you fit.

It is also possible that you can buy some Gym equipment and do that at your home. But for this you need to be self motivated. You can even do aerobics and dance at your home by just following some youtube videos. But it is necessary that you should know which channel you have to follow.

If you are running also you should have a proper plan that how much time you have to run and at what pace?

So, keep all your plans ready before quitting GYM.

Breaking Up the contract

Most of the Gym signs a contract with you. In most of the situations only 30 days’ notice is enough but there are certain Gyms too where the contracts are little complex. So, first go through the whole contract and if you find any complex rules then talk to the manager about the situation you are into. It is possible that they won’t let you go but will take care of the situation you are facing.…

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Without going to gym you can still be fit. Just follow these steps.

Here are 8 ways to stay for without going to any gym or any physical training classes. If anybody thinks to get for then they always think that they have to join gym and there are no other options. But, there are certain ways through which you can be fit and you do not have to go to gym also. But, this is not everyone as there are very less people whom it suits. It is also not the only path for better health. There are other options also available to stay fit without going to gym.

“Many people can’t afford a gym membership. Some stay-at home parents don’t have the option of leaving the house without child care, and others feel intimidated by the machine-ridden, often male-dominated gym environment,” said Amanda Dale, a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist.

It is the commutes and hectic schedule which is the main reason people prefer to go to gym. “I taught equipment-free bootcamps for eight years, and I can tell you without a doubt that the gym is not the only place to lose weight, tone up and get stronger,” Dale said.

1. Create a schedule first.

Make a plan for yourself. Once you know that what exercise you should do anything which fired you up then you can manage when and what type of exercises you should do. What equipment you need, what other things you need it all will brainstorm you when you will start writing your plan.

2. Embrace at home exercises

You do not need a big spacious room to exercise. A small room will be enough. A room or empty space in which you can jump and dance without knocking your head on the table will be enough. “You can work on perfecting your squats, lunges, push-ups, planks and crunches without any equipment and with just a few videos on YouTube,” she said.

3. Switch your style of how you commute.

Use your legs as much as you can for commuting. Use bicycle for office, always take a long walk, and the most heared one, use stairs instead of elevators. These are things which yo7 should consider while commuting. ″[It’s] a quick way way to not only burn a few more calories, but also strengthen your bones and tone your muscles,” she explained.

4. Also go for outdoor workout.

Environment play a vital role in human’s health. Try to go for outside workout at least a day in week. Getting vitamin D is not the only thing you get outdoors there are many like you can run, you can do yoga in open or may join a sport team there. You do not any machine to get fit though. “Go to the playground and use the monkey bars for pull-ups, or find a bench and do step-ups — better yet, find a long hill and do sprints,” she suggested.

5. Sign up for workout classes.

Many gym operator organise a regular or occasional workout classes. There are also many group classes available in many gyms. You can choose any of them and can participate in one you liked. This does not mean that you have to join gym. No, you can also sign up for these occasional workout classes. This will keep you motivated. It will release the stress you get while structuring your own workouts and you will even get to learn a new exercises which you can use in your daily schedule.

“These classes take group fitness out of the gym and into the natural environment, while still providing the supervision and professional guidance you’d get from an instructor inside the gym,” she explained.

6. Take care of your nutrition as well.

Regular exercise are very good for your health it does not matter how much time you spent on exercise it will always take you so far. “Exercise is extremely important in building muscle [and] endurance, changing your shape and burning calories, but what will really make the difference you are hoping for is a healthy diet,” Treadway said.
Just follow these pro tips in your life and start exercise daily. Increase your exercise time and intensity gradually. After trying these you will notice the difference in you body and in your mind as well.…

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