E-Bikes Supersede Walking Tips?

E-bike is one of the major achievements in the field of automobiles. It is a more improvised version of a normal bicycle, with the inclusion of a battery, a battery-driven electric motor, and a throttle. The rest of the design of its basic modular structure is similar to the normal bicycle.


The addition of an electric motor with a pedal-assist has granted it a superiority over a mechanical bicycle, and a slightly more preference than fuel-driven vehicles. The reason behind this is the electric engine that provides the initial acceleration to the bike unless its speed reaches a maximum preset assistance speed i.e. is nearly 15.5 mph and also helps in maintaining a constant speed of your bike. Hence it makes cycling less exhaustive and more flexible. The other main reason behind its success is that it is eco-friendly and does not contaminate our environment with harmful fumes.

Therefore, now more and more people prefer e-bikes over cars and fuel-bikes. Purchasing an e-bike is also a first-time investment that relieves you from the future expenses of fuel in cars and motorcycles. It also reduces traffic jams and reduces journey time. Accordingly, we can say that an e-bike is a boon for the modern generation.

Now the biggest question arises, does an e-bike supersede walking trips? Usually, people have a diverse response to this question. Some people believe that walking is a superior exercise than riding an e-bike.

They consider that riding an e-bike is cheating and not any physical workout. According to them, walking is better than riding an e-bike. But the truth is not the same. In reality, riding an e-bike is many folds better than walking. It’s not only a proper form of a workout but is more flexible than walking. It reduces commuting stress in the population, helps in reducing blood pressure and increases the blood circulation in our heart and surely provides inner satisfaction and joy to its user. Some of its advantages are:

1) Reduced journey time.

E-bikes are faster means of conveyance than walking. It will take less time for the same distance travelled on foot. For example, if it takes 30 minutes to complete a certain distance, then you can cover the same distance in less than 10 to 15 minutes. Hence it saves a lot of your time, and you can utilise that time in doing something more beneficial and creative.

2) You can travel for longer distances.

It is simply not possible to cover every length on foot. Sometimes we need to travel large distances like 10 to 12 km. For example, earlier if you wanted to visit a place that is 12 km away from your home. Then it is practically not possible to cover this distance on foot. Therefore you required a means of transport like a car or a fuel-bike. But now you can cover this distance on an e-bike, without breaking a drop of sweat. Consequently, we can say that an e-bike has made it possible for us to travel fairly larger distances than we could have travelled by walking.

3)You can cover terrains that are inappropriate for walking.

Sometimes there are certain uneven grounds our regions on our that make it impossible to travel on foot, like a steep slope. This becomes the most exhaustive part of our journey. Next time when we have to take on the same road on foot, we always have hesitation in walking up the steep hill, and we pick up our car keys. But with the help of the acceleration provided by an electrically assisted engine in an e-bike, we can conquer these slopes in our way, without any physical strain. In this way, we can enjoy our full journey.

4) E-bikes have matured a sense of fitness in many people.

The distances that we used to fear to travel on foot earlier, can now be very comfortably covered on an e-bike. Riding an e-bike is surely a physical pursuit. Even people who are not very fit, have also chosen to ride an e-bike for distances that they could never cover by walking. The e-bike provides us with the independence to choose between physical pedalling or using an electric pedal assist. This has given the flexibility to our ride. That is why more and more people are going for an e-bike, rather than cars or to travel by foot. This helps in keeping people fit and healthy without even joining a gym. Now you can enjoy the outdoors, which helps to improve your memory, lowers your blood pressure and boosts your immunity too.

Therefore should we prefer an e-bike over walking?

Riding any best electric bike under budget at all gives you a lot like a sense of freedom, better health, and more enjoyment. The main difference is the fact that e-bikes make it possible to ride and ride farther. An e-bike eliminates many factors that stop people from walking, such as their health, uneven terrains or large distances.

E-bikes are also useful for elderly people who cannot travel on foot for long, either due to knee pain or any other health issues. The pedal assistance helps them in travelling these distances by riding an e-bike. It has given them a sense of self-dependence. It also prevents traffic jams and other environment-related issues, like pollution. It also saves the extra cost of public transports.

Hence we can conclude that e-bikes surely supersede walking trips to some extent. Therefore if we need to choose between an e-bike or foot, in my opinion, you must certainly go for an e-bike.

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