How to Quit the Gym

It is said that a healthy body has a healthy mind. And, therefore, Exercise is very essential for a healthy body and healthy mind. So keep our body healthy the one thing we do is “join a Gym”. But, at the same time, it is very true that sometimes Gym sucks. It is possible that the Gym would not have the necessary equipment, it may be too far from your home or there are chances that it would be so crowded that you would not like to be a part of that Gym. So, in this condition, it’s okay for you to quit Gym. Here are some the pointers that can help you do that.

Why you hate your Gym?

Before quitting ask yourself that why you want to quit gym and what is actually wrong in the Gym which is making you to quit?

You must find answers to this question. This is because only these answers will help you prepare a plan for quitting. If your Gym is too expensive then first figure out that, are there other Gyms around which are cheaper or there is any option to downgrade your membership without quitting.

But if you just want to quit because you don’t want to go for and you cannot manage time for Gym. Then it is best for you to quit and save the money which you are wasting.

But it is also possible that you are quitting because when you go to the Gym you do not find the equipment you need or that equipment is always taken by others and you do not get a chance to lift that one. Try changing the Gym timings instead of quitting.

Decide what you would be doing after quitting

Quitting is easy but you must have a backup plan before doing this. You need to be healthy and fit and for keeping yourself fit you need to do exercise. If not Gym there should be something another like aerobics, running, walking or any other physical activity which would keep you fit.

It is also possible that you can buy some Gym equipment and do that at your home. But for this you need to be self motivated. You can even do aerobics and dance at your home by just following some youtube videos. But it is necessary that you should know which channel you have to follow.

If you are running also you should have a proper plan that how much time you have to run and at what pace?

So, keep all your plans ready before quitting GYM.

Breaking Up the contract

Most of the Gym signs a contract with you. In most of the situations only 30 days’ notice is enough but there are certain Gyms too where the contracts are little complex. So, first go through the whole contract and if you find any complex rules then talk to the manager about the situation you are into. It is possible that they won’t let you go but will take care of the situation you are facing.

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